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A Sacred Wisdom Circle gives people a unique opportunity for self-disclosure -- a value of the circle, that for some is more than any single aspect of the process.  The sacred context challenges us to go deeper than we have ever been able to before. 
Sacred Wisdom Circles changed my life.  I found that I could express what was most deeply inside me. The circle was the key to unlocking myself.  I discovered new levels of honesty in myself that I had not known. The circles I attended both supported and challenged me more than any group I was used to.  I came to understand the power that Sacred Wisdom Circles have to create community and to fathom the depths of our experiences.
Since the begining of time, when our ancestors sat around the tribal fire, many variations of the Sacred Wisdom Circle have developed to pursue personal and social transformation. The Sacred Wisdom Circle has an integrity of its own that speaks to something basic in all human beings.  It has the potential to facilitate communication among people who see themselves as very different. The Sacred Wisdom Circle brings understanding and a more profound feeling of community.
Each person in the circle is a teacher while they are speaking. It becomes clear that the real teacher is the circle itself.  The expression of gratitude and acknowledging our interdependence are basic to every Sacred Wisdom Circle.   
Our intention, as circle participants, is to engage each other at increasingly deeper levels of wisdom and compassion.  To do so, it is paramount that we learn how to share our stories and experiences. Stories are the language of community. The Sacred Wisdom Circle is where people can bring their issues and conflicts and receive an understanding of solutions. 


A Sacred Honouring Circle is a spiritual way to celebrate milestones and passage of life for births, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and housewarmings. This is an excellent way to honour beginnings and endings from an announcement of a marital engagement or as a memorial to honour the life of someone who has passed on to the afterlife. You may have your own creative ideas for hosting a Sacred Honouring Circle and ceremony. Sponsoring a Sacred Honouring Circle to express gratitude for blessings recieved can move our life forward in a positive way.
"I approached Jacob to guide a memorial ceremony for a friend of mine who had passed away. I had arranged a gathering with friends of the deceased be led with a shamanic structure. Jacob did a wonderful job of leading the ceremony for the purpose of invoking, blessing, and releasing the deceased's spirit, as well as healing and restoring energy to those who mourned him. Drumming  and  chanting  were effectively employed. I would recommend Jacob Unger as a Spiritual Guide to lead this type of ceremony for others. It was a powerful and healing event. I would also like to have the opportunity to be a part of another event with Jacob. I found him to be a knowledgeable and talented journey leader."  
---J.P. Pickford Productions, Courtney, B.C.


A Sacred Healing Circle can be very supportive for anyone who has suffered a serious diagnosis or major illness.  Healing can occur when the wounded person has the opportunity to talk about the pain, to grieve the loss. 
A Sacred Healing Circle can be a soft place to find or offer forgiveness, to acknowledge an injustice that one has suffered or committed, or to let go of old emotional baggage full of resentment or blame.                            
The primary purpose in a Sacred Healing Circle is to give voice to the pain or loss and then reconnect to the larger community. It is a communication with the divine wisdom of healing that is within each individual. The Sacred Healing Circle can help us remember that in these extraordinary moments of grief we are not alone.

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