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"...since man is a part of Nature, the cure for all man's ills will be found in Nature."
---Manuel Co'rdova-Rios, Curandero, F. Bruce Lamb, Kidnapped in the Amazon Jungle.


A warm welcome of loving-kindness to you. Thank-you for visiting Earthsong Healing Circles. This work is offered to assist individuals, regardless of ancestry, to become conscious participants in their own transformational healing, insight and personal empowerment. This practice does not involve entheogens, hallucinogens, psychotropics or recreational substances. 


Jacob Unger

5 Element Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner; Dreamwork Coach; Transformational Counseling; Sacred Drumming Circles Facilitator. 
Jacob assists your transformational healing journey to self-empowerment uniting ancient Healing Ways with the deepest needs of contemporary heart and soul.
Featuring healing therapies and magical healing chants (icaros) for soul disconnection, removal of source of bad luck, cutting of psychic ties and removal of toxic aggressive energy/magical attack for symptoms of unhappiness with work and career, unhappiness with family members and unhappiness with a spouse.

Upcoming Sacred Circle Events in Vancouver, BC, Canada: Newcomers welcome.

TRAUMA HEALING INTENSIVE: A compassionate non-judgemental sacred ceremony for women and men serious about healing deep emotional wounds relating to pregnancy loss and post abortion trauma. On-going. Donation. Pre-register. 604.418.9636.

For more details click here>>>for Events Calendar page.


Earthsong Healing Circles Mission:

This work is in respect of The Laws of Nature, the visible face of the Great Spirit, which today as in ancient times, continue to sing their signature songs and generously communicate their unique medicine teachings directly to respectful relations. Gratitude to the traditional healing people of every continent who first heard local plants singing and talking and in loving-kindness openly shared the transcendant knowledge of the Medicine Way of Nature for the health and happiness of all relations.
Now more than ever, we need to recognize and embrace personal healing and transformation to transcend the limitations of the selfish way of living that is destroying our planet, our Earth Mother.
These sacred drum circles, in-person Plant Spirit Healing sessions, wilderness meditation experiential encounters with Nature and shared wisdom of the Spirit of the Land is a work intended for clarity of insight, transformational healing and self-empowerment of the individual. 
This mission is intended to inspire all relations, regardless their origin or belief, who share our love and respect for the shared wisdom of the Laws of Nature of the Spirit of the Land and are searching for their own experience and Truth. It is in concurrance with healer-wisdom elders of all Land-based spiritual traditions who teach the test of truth is our personal experience.
Here is an invitation to get away from thinking and talking about our relationship with the natural spiritual energy of Nature - to move toward 'being in knowing.' And, regardless of ancestral heritage, to hear and vision through our inner heart and consciousness the natural archaic wisdom that lies hidden in each of our hearts, waiting to be resurrected and to be lived within the context of our everyday life.
 Real transcendental knowledge transforms us so we can live our life in balance. Our goal is for lives to be empowered, our relationships improved, our actions more effective and our hearts happier.

Disclaimer: The information in this website is educational to offer a gateway of understanding to the dimension of the Sacred through shamanic healing and is not intended to replace standard medical treatment or advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition please consult your physician. 

If you need additional information or to schedule an in-person appointment, don't hesitate to call 604 418 9636 or e-mail by clicking on the following link: